Gas Migration Solutions

chemistry mattersWorking with Chemistry Matters, a North American leader in solving complex Well Abandonment issues, Ridgeline is excited to provide a partnership approach to our clients with respect to Surface Casing Vent Flow and Gas Migration issues.

Surface casing vent flow testing includes expert sampling, analysis and interpretation of gas and liquid from SVCs. This also includes provision of abandonment tests that can differentiate “false positive” results. This ultimately aids in the determination of geological formation for gas origin for true failures to aid remedial activities. Proprietary Geoforensic techniques utilize gas and water compositional and isotopic data to determine nature and source of flows.

Gas migration investigation components include Soil Gas statistical sampling, analysis and data interpretation. This includes a consideration of atmospheric contributions and other non-abandonment sources of Soil Gas in determination of gas origin.


If you want to protect your liability to ensure no gas migration is occurring near an abandoned well or a well is scheduled for abandonment or want to characterize gases or liquids in targeted geological formations, use Geoforensics.

Together with Chemistry Matters, we provide the services for the Collection, Analysis and Characterization of gases and liquids from the subsurface for solving issues of Gas Migration, Soil Gas Migration, Liquid Vent Flows and for Characterizing oil and gas bearing zones.