SD Janvier Enterprises

Ridgeline is currently  SD Janvier Enterprises logopartnered with SD Janvier Enterprises, an Aboriginal owned company based on the Chipewyan Prairie Dene First Nation, in the hamlet of Janvier, Alberta. We foster long-term development and economic sustainability of the community through:

  • Training, Education and Certification of Local Youth & Workforce
  • Scholarships & Athletic Support
  • Traditional Land Use Knowledge Sharing

Environmental Consulting, Data Collection, Remediation and Reclamation

Obtaining and interpreting quantifiable data from a variety of Environmental media within First Nations Territories.

First Nation Liaison

Review of project specific, technical and environmental reports and providing clear concise interpretation and recommendations.

  • Review all applicable environmental data
  • Interpret information and provide a concise summary
  • Identify data gaps, potential environmental receptors and environmental concerns not previously addressed
  • Represent First Nation concerns and identify potential opportunities for First Nation project involvement

Traditional Knowledge

We work with the First Nation to integrate Traditional Knowledge into projects. First Nations have a unique knowledge about their environment, how it functions, and its characteristic ecological relationships. Traditional Knowledge is increasingly being recognized as an important part of Project Planning, Resource Management, and Environmental Assessment (EA).

  • Work with the First Nation for hiring and managing local First Nation contractors when available and suited to the job scope
  • Bridge the gap between scientific methods and traditional knowledge
  • Identify and catalogue areas and resources of cultural significance and value