Reclamation Services

Ridgeline will complete Reclamation activities in an efficient manner that will meet your desired Reclamation outcomes in compliance with Regulatory requirements. Ridgeline provides our clients with services that complement all Reclamation stages. This process reduces the number of site visits required as well as the time and cost required to gain closure.

Our Environmental Consultants deliver complete site reclamation solutions that can be easily tailored to meet client specific needs, including:

  • Pre-Reclamation site investigation
  • Decommissioning and Remediation
  • Full site Reclamation meeting requirements of all applicable land uses in Western Canada
  • Vegetation establishment, monitoring and management
  • Detailed Site Assessment and application for Reclamation Certification; site closure

Prior to completing surface reclamation Ridgeline will work with the client to ensure all previous phases of work are complete and meeting regulatory requirements (Phase I, II ESA’s & Remediation).  Our Reclamation process begins with a pre-reclamation assessment to evaluate site conditions and formulate a reclamation plan that aligns with current regulatory requirements.

Our team of qualified reclamation specialists have experience with all agricultural and forested land uses (cultivated lands, forested lands and native grasslands) and can offer sound rehabilitation solutions for sensitive specified lands such as riparian areas and wetlands. Ridgeline personnel provide expertise in vegetation establishment, monitoring and management to ensure compatibility with surrounding land use.

At the completion of a reclamation project, a Ridgeline Environmental Consultant will conduct a Detailed Site Assessment to demonstrate equivalent land use capability.

Application for Reclamation Certificates

Ridgeline’s field professionals are supported by a technical team that ensures the applications are completed accurately and submitted to the appropriate regulatory body.  Ridgeline has completed hundreds of Reclamation Certificate Applications for Alberta, Acknowledgement of Reclamation packages for Saskatchewan, and Certificates of Restoration for British Columbia. All applications are peer reviewed for consistency and to ensure that the latest Regulatory criteria are being utilized.

Please contact us to learn more about our Reclamation services.