Boreal_Forest_OSERidgeline designs and executes Oil Sands Exploration (OSE) Reclamation programs for various clients in the Northern Alberta region.

Our Environmental professionals complete Pre-Reclamation Site Inspection, Surface Reclamation, Vegetation and Reclamation Monitoring in peatland and upland areas in the Boreal Forest, as well as annual reports for our clients.

Our Approach

We fully meet all Oil Sands Exploration Reclamation regulations, including:

  • Pre-Reclamation Site Inspection
  • Reclamation recommendations
  • Monitoring
  • Site Assessment
  • Reporting
  • Detailed Site Assessement (OSE)
  • Reclamation Certificate application and submission

Vegetation Establishment

We use two approaches for vegetation establishment:

  • Natural regeneration
  • Tree planting

We also offer the combination of both approaches, depending on the timeline preferred by our clients.

Detailed Site Assessment – Forested Lands

  • We have assessed more than 800 sites (aerial and ground)Oil_Sands_Exploration_aerial
  • Experience with whole cycle of assessment, data management, recommendations and application for Reclamation Certification
  • Mechanism that allows us a stream-lined process
  • Data management which is efficient, organized, secure and easily accessible for clients
  • Site monitoring – Construction and Reclamation

Our Support

The most challenging aspect of OSE Reclamation involves timing and access. Ridgelines experience in these areas allows us to complete the work in an efficient and cost effective manner thus reducing cost and time required to receive a Reclamation Certificate.

Our team of professionals liaise with regulators/stakeholders and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Joint Venture Partnership

Ridgeline is currently partnered with SD Janvier Enterprises, an Aboriginal owned company based on the Chipewyan Prairie Dene First Nation, in the hamlet of Janvier, Alberta.

Working in a Joint Venture partnership allows us to provide Environmental Services to the Oil & Gas sector within the Chipewyan Prairie First Nation traditional land and the Athabasca Oil Sands Region.

Please contact us for more information about our Oil Sands Exploration services.