Landspray and Landspray  While Drilling
(LWD Disposal Services)

Ridgeline delivers Landspray consulting and Landspray While Drilling (LWD) solutions that minimize environmental impacts and maximize your productivity. Our experienced Environmental Consultants will:

  • Arrange preferred rates with vacuum trucks.
  • Locate and sample source water, apply for TDL and conduct flow monitoring where necessary.
  • Build and strengthen relationships with landowners and obtain competitive disposal rates.
  • Sample all sections of the well or stored Drilling Waste in a timely and cost effective manner.
  • Manage and document all waste and water tracking.
  • Deliver a comprehensive, industry leading, detailed Drilling Waste Disposal report.
  • Can conduct all necessary post disposal sampling and investigate any potential Landowner concerns.
  • Take care of all drilling waste D-50 post disposal required AER Notifications.

We also map our Landspray disposal areas with satellite imagery and GPS tracking for Drilling Waste auditing purposes and industry leading accuracy.
Ridgeline’s Drilling Waste Disposal consultants are experienced in Oil and Gas drilling operations across all western Canadian jurisdictions.

If the waste is disposed off-site via pump-off or Landspray, Ridgeline will map the disposal area using satellite imagery and GPS tracking, fully preparing you for a future Drilling Waste audit.

Worry-Free Sump Design with Landspread, MBC and Pump-Off Drilling Waste Management Services

Ridgeline sump design and Drilling Waste Management services are cost effective and compliant. Our Environmental Consultants will:

    • Provide sump suitability testing as per the AER Directive 50 requirements prior to sump construction.
    • Supervise your sump construction and operations.
    • Sample and test drilling waste with preferred lab rates and turnaround times.
    • Supervise Drilling Waste Disposal Onsite or Offsite – including Disposal and Reuse at select Approved GreenFill Facilities
    • Document and manage remote sump waste tracking.
    • Efficiently, and effectively take care of pump off requirements when the need arises.

If the Drilling Waste is a candidate for on-site disposal, Ridgeline will ensure that both the AER Directive 50 and AESRD Tier 1 Criteria are met after mix-bury-cover or Landspread operations.

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