Commercial Site Assessment

construction-hand-shakePhase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) are a systematic screening tool used by property owners, potential buyers, occupants, developers and lending institutions to make informed decisions on the Environmental Liability associated with a specific property.

We have worked with owners, lenders, tenants and governmental agencies to complete Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) on properties where contamination is possible, suspected or known.

Our experience, professional accreditations along with our technical and geographical resources, allow us to complete a range of ESAs to meet even the most demanding timelines and budgets.

Commercial Site Assessment Types

Understanding the various types of ESAs, including when and why they are completed is a critical aspect of managing your environmental liability. We follow accredited Canadian and provincial standards for completion of all of our ESAs.

  • Phase I ESA
  • Phase II ESA
  • Remedial Action Plan
  • Remediation

Environmental Site Assessments are an iterative process. Information gathered in earlier stages helps reduce costs and uncertainly in subsequent stages.

Get started with your Commercial Site Assessment

If you require a Phase I ESA, or if you are looking for more information, please complete the form attached to this page. A Ridgeline representative will contact you within 1 to 2 business days to answer your questions and if requested, begin to develop a scope of work and cost estimate specific to your property of interest.